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Have a glance at several of  largest aquariums, built by our company!
Main ocean tank 412 cubic m
Moscow oceanarium “Rio” (2011). Main ocean tank 412 cubic m, 5 flat acrylic panels, a hemisphere and 2 tunnels.
 A zebra-shark, nurce-shark,  napoleon-fish and other beautifull fishes also supplied by Aqua Logo.   
Main tank, 370 cubic m
Voronezh oceanarium (2011). Main tank 370 cubic m. A tunnel and several large flat windows. 10 species of sharks! 
The public aquarium contains 350 cubic meters of sea water
Public aquarium in Kiev Ocean Plaza shopping mall has a biggest front panel in East Europe (13,5*3.5 m). It`s volume is more than 300 tons. 
100-ton public aquariums in the cities of Belgorod and Kursk
100 tons aquariums in Russian cities of Belgorod and Kurskis also built and maintained by our company.