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Zoos and Exotariums

From 2009 the “Aqua Logo engineering” company is associated member of Euro-Asiatic Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA). We build turnkey whole exposition complexes, including aquaterrariums, terrariums, aviaries, penguinariums and large aquariums for zoos, exotariums and oceanariums. 
Wolverine aviary in the Moscow Zoo
In the Moscow Zoo we conducted reconstruction works for the wolverine aviary. Now it will be more comfortable for animals to live there, easily to zoo workers to look after them, and more convenient to visitors to look at wolverines. The new aviary doesn’t have roof, so animals can be seen very well. At the perimeter an electric hedge was mounted. The sight glasses were replaced by a solid triplex. Also many plants and a lawn were planted, some scenery, lamps and waterproofing was made.
The penguinarium of “Roev Ruchey”
In the Park “Roev Ruchey” (Krasnoyarsk) with the area of 250 m2 our specialists created the imitation of natural places of habitat of penguins. The rocky iced shore with grots and caves is built from polymer concrete. The penguinarium of “Roev Ruchey” is the only one in the Russia, where two species of penguins live at once – banded and Gentoo penguins. Our experience in building of expositions with penguins for zoos and oceanariums in five Russian cities is shown in the presentation.
House of the beaver
The “Aqua Logo engineering” company took part in the large-scale reconstruction of the Voronezh State Natural Biospheric Reservation. In the area of beaver’s farm the exposition “House of the beaver” was opened in the October of 2014. This aviary has unique construction with overwater and underwater glazing. The specially created scenery in the smallest details recreates the biotope of the forest river of the central part of Russia.
Exotarium in Khanty-Mansiysk
Inside the Stele for Pioneers of Siberia (Khanty-Mansiysk city) our company has created a unique Exotarium. The peculiarity of the exposition consists in its concept: it is deployed along the vertical of the pyramid with a height of 25 meters. The main theme of the decorative design is "The World Tree", what was inspired by the authors viewing the movie "Avatar." The exposition includes spacious aviaries for monkeys and meerkats, smaller aviaries for pythons, lizards, tamarins and porcupines, and a gallery of author's terrariums.