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At the beginning of August in 2016, an oceanarium was opened in the territory of the Novosibirsk Zoo named after Rostislav Shilo in the Center of Oceanography and Marine Biology "Delphinia". The dream of the deceased Rostislav Shilo was carried out by the investor - the company "Aquatorium" with the help of the construction organizations "ASK" and "AL Engineering". Our company was responsible for the construction, delivery of marine animals and the launch of the aquarium.

The oceanarium in Novosibirsk, 2015

In just a year we designed, built and opened in Novosibirsk an original exhibition of marine aquariums - a real oceanarium on an area of 1500 m2.

The scheme of the oceanarium

The exposition was built in the basement of the dolphinarium, which was originally planned only for accommodation of communications.

The oceanarium in the period of construction

In a short time, we carried out construction and installation works, sealing of acrylic elements of aquariums and an underwater tunnel, waterproofing of surfaces and decoration of expositions, installation of life support systems and quarantine.

The quarantine area and the life support system

The life support systems and quarantine area of the oceanarium are equipped with the most modern equipment.

The first aquarium in the exposition

This is how the beginning of exposition looks like. Its whole volume is 600 m3 of the marine water in the 29 aquariums.

The cold-water exposition with the octopus

There already has been a small, but qualitative aquarium in the exposition of Novosibirsk zoo. We made it our aim to show animals, that are not and could not be in it, above all, cold-water animals.

A unique half-spherical aquarium-waterfall

The preference is given to species that do not require large volumes, but at the same time have an exotic appearance or unique ecological features.

The aquarium-blister visually increases its contents

The small dimensions didn’t prevent the exposition from becoming a full-fledged oceanarium, which has already caught a fancy to Novosibirsk citizens and visitors.

In a small aquarium it is very convenient to examine its population

The exposition presents 300 species of marine habitants.

The raisins of this aquarium - stonefishes

A series of aquariums-portholes.

The aquariums-portholes are the optimal solution for a limited space

The aquariums-portholes are the optimal solution for a limited space.

An aquarium with nautilus

An aquarium with nautilus.

Each aquarium has a tablet with a description of the species

An information support: each aquarium has a tablet with a description of species, also there are large video monitors in two rooms.

The scenery for lovers of selfies

The scenery for lovers of selfies.

Places for observation and rest

Places for observation and rest.

The tunnel is the favorite children place for taking rest

The tunnel is the favorite children place for taking rest.

There is always someone making photos in the tunnel

The transparent low ceiling does not press, but attracts visitors.

A giant guitarfish

The giant guitarfishes and sharks are the largest fishes in the oceanarium.

The girl loves it very much

No comments.

The exposition is divided into zones - "decks"

The exposition is divided into zones - "decks". Here is the transition to the deck of the aquariums-cylinders.

The aquariums-cylinders

The mirror walls visually increase the volume of the room.

The rise to the upper exposure level

The rise to the upper exposure level.

Many people want to touch marine animals

The touch-bar makes even adults more childish. Many people want to touch marine animals.

The Baikal seals

The Baikal seals are represented by very young and playful individuals.

The maintenance of aquariums

We have prepared the operating team and now continue to be responsible for its work in the oceanarium of Novosibirsk.