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In the design and construction of fountains we used many methods and techniques, familiar to us from the experience of creating large aquarium complexes. Therefore, our designers, engineers and installers easily realize the fountain ideas of customers. Our clients are administrations of many cities, owners of shopping centers and people with prosperity. All of them want to decorate their property with fountains, and we gladly help to do this. Our experience allows us to reconstruct worn out, long-built by someone fountains, and also to serve even the most complex fountain complexes on an ongoing basis. 
The fountain "Clock" in the shopping center "European"
In 2006 we created the fountain "Clock" in the shopping center "European", then modernized it in 2013 and now it is serviced by our specialists. This original design really shows the time to within a second. At the beginning of each hour the dance of fountain jets begins, which lasts three minutes. The fountain complex in the "European" was built in two levels. There are 8 domed fountains in the lower cup, highlighted under the water.
The fountain complex "Military Glory"
The fountain complex "Military Glory" was built by us in Kozelsk. These are two concrete bowls measuring 22 x 7 meters. In each bowl 12 “Cascade” nozzles were mounted. In the center of the bowls there are fountain rings with a diameter of 1.53 meters. In the evenings the jets of the fountain are illuminated with the colors of the Russian flag. For illumination of 12 foam pillars with a height of 1.5 meters, coming from the center of the fountain, 62 lamps were used. Turning lights on and off is automatic.
The reconstruction and maintenance of the oldest fountain
The owners of the shopping center “GUM” on Moscow's Red Square entrusted our company with the reconstruction and maintenance of the oldest fountain. This fountain was built over 100 years ago and since that has been the most famous meeting place. The engineers of our company replaced the Chinese automatics with a more reliable one, assembled modern pumping equipment, solenoid valves and flaps, and replaced the elements of pipeline equipment. Now the fountain works flawlessly.
The “Geyser” fountain was built for the city park in Kaluga
The “Geyser” fountain was built for the city park in Kaluga. It took a week to design this fountain, and a month to build it. The bowl of the fountain is made of concrete and also is painted. Its diameter is 8 meters, the water level is 50 cm. The fountain nozzle in the center creates a jet in the form of a geyser with a height of 3-4 meters. 13 lamps are located along the perimeter of the bowl. Two lamps in the center are aimed at the geyser. The backlight is turned on and off automatically by the specific program.