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Established 1995, Aqua Logo Group of companies has ever since been a trendsetter in all segments of Russian Aquatic Market , including distribution of aquarium&terrarium products and livestock, Professional aquatic shops, Aquarium design and Maintenance and Engineering. We are Members of EuroAsian Regional Zoo and Aquarium Association (Earaza), Ornamental Fish International (OFI).

Since 2006 Aqua Logo Engineering is Licensed Project and Construction Contractor, that specializes on Public Aquariums, Exotariums and Zoo exhibits as well as Fountains, green walls and other objects of eco-design. We are Russian experts as turnkey constructors of Public Aquariums and Exotariums. Our team includes Project Managers, Constructors, LSS Engineers, Biologists, Designers. We are also certified installer for Rehm-Evonic Acrilic Panels, Sika, Otto and Drisoro special construction materials etc.

Concept design, developers consulting, concrete and waterproof works support (Fig. 1, 2, 3)

Alexey Kazakevich, General Director of Aqua Logo Engineering
Our favorite feature  - large aquariums (150-300 tons)  in Shopping malls which work as public attractors. We have constructed and maintain such tanks in  Kiev, Belgorod, Kursk (Fig. 4, 5).
Our first large turnkey oceanarium in Voronezh opened  2011. TripAdvisor Europe Top Ten Aquariums member in 2015 (Fig. 6, 7)!
The largest Russian oceanarium  called Moskvarium proudly opened August 2015. More than 70 exhibits.  All the exposition was completely designed, turnkey constructed and is still maintained by Aqua Logo Engineering (Fig. 8, 9).
New interesting oceanariums constructed in 2016 in Siberia – rather small but very original exposition in Novosibirsk and a large new aquarium in the Far North oil city of  Kogalym with 60m acrylic tunnel in 3,5 mil liter main tank (Fig. 10, 11)!
We are experts in providing modern living conditions for all kinds of water animals like otters, penguins, beavers etc. (Fig. 12, 13).
Important part of our business is sustainable public aquarium maintenance. Up to date we provide outsource maintenance for 3 oceanariums and 5 large aquariums in Russia and Ukraine, hiring more than 100 aquarists, technicians and divers! We are proudly working for  the brand new 24m height cylinder aquarium in Moscow “Oceania” Shopping mall. For all those enterprises we provide total warranty for all animals inside (Fig. 14, 15).
Being OFI members since 2006, we are experts in transportation, quarantine and handling of all kind of freshwater and marine livestock including large variety of cold water fish and invertebrates  (Fig. 16, 17).

Except Russia, Aqua Logo Engineering had already successfully participated in Aquatic Engineering Projects in Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Israel. We have official subsidiaries in Ukraine and EU. We are ready to use our knowledge and professionalism  worldwide. 


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