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The company “Aqua Logo Engineering” has designed, built and settled various aquatic organisms in five oceanariums in the Russian cities. Two in Moscow (2011, 2015) and one each in the smaller cities: Voronezh (2011), Novosibirsk (2016), Kogalym (2016). The largest in Russia and Europe public aquarium was built and opened in Moscow in 2015 with our direct involvement. Our team has introduced marine and freshwater inhabitants into it and served the aquarium for more than 5 years.

How we are working

3D visualization

The construction of an oceanarium or a public aquarium starts with a conceptual design and feasibility study. Our specialists use both proprietary solutions and international practices. All the wishes and interests of customers are taken into consideration.
The life support system of the aquarium

The life support systems of public aquariums are designed using the most advanced technologies and equipment from leading manufacturers. The habitat of aquatic organisms is modelled within a wide range of water temperatures and salinity.
An acrylic tunnel

In the process of construction of oceanariums we perform an entire range of works - from molding acrylic tunnels and glazing/sealing aquariums to their decoration imitated the natural habitat of aquatic organisms.
 We provide aquarium maintenance services after commissioning

We supply aquariums, help marine and freshwater inhabitants to be acclimated and settle them in aquariums. We train the customer's staff or ourselves provide aquarium maintenance services after commissioning.